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March 4, 2024
Dream team brings regulatory expertise in-house

With a real "dream team", Dr. Brill Institutes will be able to offer customers from industry its own Regulatory Service in the future. Heike Schimmelpfennig and Dr. Gunnar Kleist, each with two decades of regulatory experience in different areas of industry and public authorities, offer a 360-degree view of chemical testing and approval of biocides (active substances and products).

"With our wealth of experience from different perspectives, we are unique on the market," explains Dr. Gunnar Kleist confidently. "We offer our customers holistic project management, which can take five years from the first kick-off meeting to approval, depending on the process." The two are more than trustworthy sparring partners in a process that demands complete transparency and honesty from the customer.

Thanks to its many years of experience, the Regulatory Services team is also able to master critical situations at short notice when companies get lost in the complex European chemicals legislation or miss important deadlines, which can sometimes threaten their existence. However, both prefer to work with the customer from the start of the process in order to avoid precisely such crisis situations.

"In our role, we also see ourselves as a mediator between the needs of industry and the expectations of the authorities," says Heike Schimmelpfennig. "We know what the authorities want, but we also know the needs of industrial customers."

Heike Schimmelpfennig has ten years of experience in the environmental risk assessment of chemicals in both a consultancy firm and an EU regulatory authority. Dr. Gunnar Kleist contributes his more than 20 years of corporate experience in industrial research, test method development and Regulatory Affairs. Their joint core competence is to incorporate all relevant information from their profound knowledge of internal company processes into an approval application in such a way that a smooth and successful completion of the entire procedure is guaranteed.

The Regulatory Services are an independent island in the Dr. Brill family because their services can be booked independently of laboratory operations. The efficacy tests required for product approval can, but of course do not have to, be commissioned from Dr. Brill + Partner. However, the short line to the technical expertise of the associated test laboratories and the possibility of commissioning time-critical data packages at short notice within the network can be a decisive advantage for the customer in the approval process.

Dr. Florian Brill, Owner and Managing Director of Dr. Brill Institutes, sums it up: "With the integration of Dr. Brill Regulatory Services GmbH into the Dr. Brill Institutes Group, we have gained a decisive new building block that will help us strategically. We are bringing regulatory expertise in-house. A large part of our work in the various laboratories results in an approval dossier according to BPR, for example, and now we can deliver this. Dr. Brill Regulatory Services was the missing component - and with Gunnar and Heike we have gained two superstars of the scene. I want them in my team and so do our customers. I'm really looking forward to everything else."

In the coming weeks and months, the new Dr. Brill Regulatory Services team will be presenting itself to clients at conferences and presentations. Dr. Gunnar Kleist: "It is important that clients build up a basis of trust with us and also realize what makes us special. That we don't do anything by the book, but always create the best case for the customer. As a rather small team, we deliver what we promise with our personal expertise!"

If you would like more information about our new service, please contact Heike Schimmelpfennig ( or Dr. Gunnar Kleist (


September 14, 2023
DR. BRILL INSTITUTES with new central internet presence

At you will find our new entry page for all services of the Dr. Brill Institutes Group. The individual offers and company divisions are now even more clearly structured and presented in a particularly user-friendly manner. This way, we offer you the greatest possible benefit, so that you can now find exactly the services you need even more quickly and easily. Take a look for yourself and feel free to provide feedback, for example by sending an email to

September 4, 2023
Regulatory Affairs

Dr Brill + Partner GmbH will take over the regulatory affairs consultancy business of Knieler & Team GmbH at the turn of the year.

"With this move, we are expanding our services to include another area of expertise: regulatory affairs, focusing on biocide authorisations and medical device issues. We are responding to the requests of many of our clients and see great potential for growth in this area," says Dr Florian Brill.

Continuity and competence are guaranteed by Dr Gunnar Kleist. He will continue to manage and expand the activities of the independent Dr Brill Regulatory Services GmbH under the umbrella of the impartial Dr Brill + Partner GmbH. 

"A great solution for everyone involved. The takeover gives our clients the security of receiving top consulting services in the future," says Dr Roland Knieler: "I will push the development of ecologically beneficial disinfectants with Knieler & Team GmbH".

The services are now available on the new website

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Best regards, Florian Brill and Roland Knieler

August 30, 2023
Biocides Europe 2023 - Meet us in Vienna!

With Dr. Florian Brill's presentation "The importance of practice-like efficacy evaluation of biocidal products - simulated use and field studies" we will be present at Biocides Europe 2023 this year. The conference will take place in Vienna on 11-12 December 2023. All information about the program and registration can be found at the following link. Use your participation also for a personal exchange with us on site. We would be happy to meet you again in Vienna.